For Autoimmune Disease Sufferers For Autoimmune Disease Sufferers

The IRF is here to help you. Whether you're just starting the process of researching your individual disease, waiting for an HSCT Evaluation, looking to speak to people like yourself, who have already received the HSCT procedure, or just want to learn more about HSCT. Learn More

HSCT Educational Resources HSCT: The Only Real Solution

There are many drugs on the market that are purported to slow the progression of autoimmune diseases (like Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Lupus, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Poly-neuropathy (CIDP), etc.). But the fact is that there are currently no FDA approved drugs that significantly slow the progression of any autoimmune disease. There is no cure, either. Learn More

Our Services Change Lives Our Services Change Lives

We offer an array of services those with autoimmune diseases, their families, and caregivers. We offer many types of support to those with autoimmune diseases which include patient websites, social network groups, and many types of our services change lives support. We have what you need right here to make your journey to become progression free, and to gain a better quality of life. Learn More

Support: Real Success Stories Support: Real Success Stories

The IRF has a large network of people who have already obtained HSCT treatment and have written extensively of their successes and progress in the form online videos, blogs and social networking groups. This information is dedicated solely to HSCT for specific diseases. In addition, the IRF provides a large library of medical articles from medical professional, major publications, and government studies. Learn More

For HSCT Families & Caregivers For Families & Caregivers

Spouses, families, and caregivers are often the ones that learn about HSCT first; before the patient. These courageous people can also suffer from the autoimmune disease as well; through direct association. The IRF can assist these people to more fully understand the sufferer's disease and symptoms, obtain critical information and receive personal support from many people in our online community / Social Network sites, blogs, and personal webpages of other caregivers. Learn More